Omya uses a small fraction – approximately 10% – of its land holdings to support our quarry and mineral processing operations. The remaining acreage contributes to the scenic landscape while supporting Vermont’s heritage, tourism, rural economy, and recreational lifestyles.

Omya relies on the natural environment in which it operates and while its business is extractive in nature Omya relies on the long-term sustainability of local natural resources. As such, Omya is dedicated to protecting the broad spectrum of resources through the variety of programs outlined below:

Tailings Management is a comprehensive program to manage the by-products that result from Omya’s mineral processing operations.

Ground Water establishes a program to monitor, test, and protect the quality of the groundwater in and around the Verpol plant site.

Dust, Noise & Odor Control are distinct programs created to reduce Omya’s impacts on the environment and safeguard the quality of life of local residents.